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As one meanders through the maze that is an outdoor show today, and one researches the internet or the various social media platforms looking at the variety of options available to the hunter, you could be forgiven for feeling slightly overwhelmed. Let’s face it, the risk vs reward on what you spend and what you get for your precious time away from your “real world” and your hard-earned dollars play a major role in the decisions you make. You want the very best experience that you can afford, yet you’d like to feel the reward at a level much higher than what money can truly buy.

Why Africa?

The options are plentiful. From the vastness of Alaska to the breath-taking beauty of New Zealand, or the endless birds of South America. The hills of Old Mexico, or the plains of the mid-west to the outback of Australia or the forests of Europe. There is an array of destinations entwined in a lifestyle that reeks of adventure as one plans one trip after another. There is a bug that bites the traveling hunter, one that knows no cure, with Africa biting the worst of all.

It is the dark continent… the original destination of adventurers and explorers. A place of rich culture, abundant wildlife, unimaginable landscapes and bright orange sunsets. A place where the hunter can marvel in the opportunities of a bygone era and become a part of something impossible to describe. It’s a deeper understanding, yet a greater mystery at why Africa remains the ultimate hunt of all.

Why John X Safaris and not the Competition?

After 35 years we’ve come to know a thing or two about safaris, in particular YOUR hunt. We’re not merely talking the talk without walking the walk. We’ve spent two generations perfecting the balance between results and experiences.

We’ve taken the cream of the industry and combined them into a team that is envy of the competition. We challenged ourselves to think bigger, hunt smarter and conserve greater. We took 1 million acres and said it wasn’t enough to take us where we want to go with your safari. We extended ourselves to take on more land than what we envisaged, to ensure we not only met your expectations, but exceeded them.

We’ve invested, established and sustainably covered the entire East Cape, SA. From the coastal forests along the Indian Ocean, to the unsurpassed beauty of the Great Karoo, and the breath-taking mountains of the north. It’s a diverse combination of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife, together making for a unique destination for the safari enthusiast to Africa.

We’ve got a lot to offer….

We’re an outfit that welcomes all hunters, no matter what your age, physical condition or hunting capabilities. We offer both plains and dangerous game in large fenced or free range areas. Our lodging is second to none, giving you or your group the choice of three different lodges/areas in the East Cape. This allows us to offer the game in their natural environment where they are naturally of better quality.

We cater to the traditional hunter, the bow enthusiast or the long-range addict. We do so under fair-chase principles, ensuring both you and us are proud of how we conduct ourselves as passionate hunters.

We want you to bring along the family, welcoming observers and prioritizing their experiences as much as we do yours. We enjoy sharing your hunt with you and we get excited about your better half or the youngsters taking up this past time we hold so dear.

We’re quite capable of filling the salt pit to your requirements, but we prefer the quality of your hunted game to be our trademark and the given, while the experiences created far outweigh that of the shots fired. It’s not about today, it’s about tomorrow and the sustainability of our wildlife for future generations.

So what should I hunt?

You’re a beginner, start with plains game on our Single or Multi Area Hunts – Make the most of our traditional 7/10 Day Hunts in the East Cape. Our hunts are offered at a daily rate basis, allowing you to tailor-make your very own safari as per your specie choices or preferences.

Why not bring the kids along? We’re passionate about the next generation of hunters. In fact, we’re so passionate we’ve taken it upon ourselves to match your investment in their hunt, ultimately our hunting future, by matching the cost of getting them to Africa. We figured if you were willing to buy the flight we’d be happy to sponsor the day fee with our Get the Youth Hunting Initiative – Bring your son/daughter/any minor along on their spring/summer break and we’ll comp his/her day fee. Only pay for trophies.

You’ve hunted plains game and you’re ready for the Big 5. There’s no better place to start than Cape Buffalo from our main base Woodlands Safari Estate. Arguably the best Buffalo hunting in the EC, the area comprises of 30 000 acres of hunting territory. Our package comes in at $15000 (All Inclusive + 1 Trophy Cape Buffalo) for either 7 or 10 days of hunting, your choice. Feel free to add or subtract any extra game as you wish.

So you enjoyed the plains game to begin with, you loved your Cape Buffalo hunt, so what’s next? Could there possibly be anything more to hunt in the East Cape? Most certainly! You haven’t started with the Tiny 10 have you? We’re the team hunters turn to when it comes to their Tiny 10 collections. From Oribi to the elusive Blue Duiker and everything in between.

Then there’s the mountains. It’s addictive and we live for Mountain Hunts in Africa – You’re an altitude hunting enthusiast? Then we’ve got the hunt for you in Africa. Vaal Rhebuck, Klipspringer and Mnt Reedbuck. There’s no one with more experience and larger/better areas when it comes to hunting the high country in Africa. Our track record speaks for itself.

You’re three or four hunts in with John X Safaris so where to next? You’ve built up a friendship through experiences with your PH that speaks louder than words, you’re not ready to just say goodbye to your family in Africa. Why not join us on one of our Out of Country Hunts? We’ve got the contacts and the know-how, it’s taken us more than thirty years, but we’ve got the areas and the game you’re after. Best of all your best friend, and African PH, will be going along to ensure you achieve the results you’ve become accustomed to with us over the years. Choose from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Congo, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia or Mozambique.

The Differentiator

We’re not for everyone. We prefer not chasing the numbers, but rather the experiences, in that manner the numbers take care of themselves and the sustainability of our wildlife. We’re not trying to be the biggest, but merely the best. We’re not interested in treating you like a client and your hunt like a business, it’s about you and your passion and the friendships built through camaraderie on safari in Africa. This is who we are.

Want to join us on safari?

We’d like to hear from you on hunting@johnxsafaris.co.za or alternatively call Carl Van Zyl on US Cell +1 682 226 2202 or PH Ross ‘Stix’ Hoole on +1 806 316 6060. We’d gladly assist by dropping you a mail, giving you a call or visiting you in your home state.

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If only you could see Africa this morning… The rains have come, the drought has broken and the summer has arrived. The world is looking fresher than ever before. The young have started dropping, the first sign that it’s time to reflect on the year that has been.

If we look back at where we were on 18 November 2016 and fast forward the clock to 18 December 2017, then it would be hard to imagine we could have done what we have done without the support of so many of you. We re-located to a new base, an unknown piece of land that looked promising, but held no guarantees.  

Of course we had done our homework on the game, but our first aerial census as to ascertain a scientific quota, threw in a couple of unexpected surprises. For more than twenty years we had invested and spent countless man hours to achieve something like this at Lalibela. Here we were a mere two hours into our first flight at Woodlands…

The natural game numbers were high, in some cases too high, but the presence of Leopard, and the fact that we spotted a large Tom on our maiden flight proved to us how wild Woodlands really was. We found valleys and large tracks of land that had not seen man for many years. We saw great herds and superb trophies. The all-important “Wildlife” box was ticked in a big way.

From the wildlife we turned our attention to the lodging and what infrastructure there was. Roads and natural water sources had to be built or repaired, all during the worst drought in living memory. We were caught in a “catch 22”. There was so much that needed to be done before the first hunters arrived in late April. Without the water there would be no wildlife, and without the lodging there’d be no hunters to sustain the wildlife. We had no choice. 18 Hour days, 7 days a week became the norm.

It took a mammoth effort by a special team to pull it all together. In the end it proved to be worth it….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the very first hunters in April to the last in December, the acceptance and excitement around Woodlands Safari Estate, combined with our renowned Karoo concessions, has seen us looking towards the future even more invigorated than before. The experience of 35 years in the safari industry and knowing the commitment it takes to ensure you as individual will enjoy a world-class hunt, was not merely a given, but something we took to heart even more so this season.

You and your lust for adventure on the dark continent afforded Africa’s wildlife the opportunity to be bold. It allowed us to take on new areas and to grow through sustainability. This year you chose South Africa, Cameroon, and Tanzania. You chose to hunt more than 55 species. You chose plains game. You chose big five. You chose to support your passion.

The success and enjoyment derived from being a part of your safari was something we as a team gained much enjoyment from. It’s something we’ve looked back on proudly. This year’s achievements are a celebration of bold new beginnings at John X Safaris, and most importantly, a celebration of each of you and your adventures. Truth be told… Without you none of this would have been possible. Thank you.

May this festive season be a joyous one filled much laughter, love and celebration.

Until your next safari – A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Carl & Family

John X Safaris will be closed for our annual shutdown and will re-open on 2 January 2018. We will not have access to emails daily, but will respond to your messages as soon as possible. See you at the shows!

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For six weeks long we have spent numerous days and countless hours trying to share the wonder and beauty of Africa. Trying to relay the feeling that stirs within when the dark continent creeps under your skin and into your soul. The onslaught on ones senses is like nowhere else on earth.

Even after all these years it seems the traveling abroad only gets longer and the longing for Africa greater. This year, like the many before, saw us once again embarked on our journey to secure the future and prosperity of Africa and her wildlife. The commitment from the American hunter is something that is spoken about often, but needs mentioning again. Without you and your support our wildlife would not enjoy the growth and security it has become accustomed to today. For that we are forever grateful. Thank you.

Record numbers were reached on the booking front this year. From Dallas to Las Vegas and the many stops in between – So many people to thank. So many to welcome on board as they look to embark on their first safari to Africa with John X Safaris. And of course, so many to be indebted to as they once again chose John X Safaris as their choice destination for 2017/18/19. The support, referrals, and recommendations from our returning hunters has left us astounded once again. It only drives us on to keep doing what we’ve been doing – ensuring our safaris are so much more than a hunt, but the complete African experience.


The acceptance and excitement around Woodlands Game Reserve, our new base and home, combined with our renowned Karoo concessions, has seen us return home even more invigorated than before. The experience of 34 years in the safari industry and knowing the commitment it takes to ensure you as individual will enjoy a world-class safari, is not merely a given, but our word. The success and enjoyment derived from being a part of your safari is something we as a team gain much enjoyment from. It’s something we’re proud of and something that goes far further than the hunt.



Our traditional season in South Africa will kick off in mid-April, at the completion of our new Colonial Safari Manor at Woodlands. This year will see hunters enjoy safari camps like no other, with our northern Karoo camp having enjoyed an upgrade too. While it had been dry for the most part of 2016, late summer rains have fallen across the majority of our areas, with the promise of more on the horizon each evening. The retention of our renowned coastal and Karoo plains game concessions, combined with Woodlands and the Big 5 dynamic that has added, will ensure our hunters enjoy arguably the finest hunting Southern Africa has to offer.

Between now and April we will be gearing up for the season ahead with scouting, building and planning being the focus in and around John X Safaris. There’s a lot to be done, but so much to look forward to.

Here’s hoping my team at home can get it done – As for me, I’m off to Cameroon to get our season off to a big start, and at the same time tick another adventure from my “half full” bucket list. It doesn’t get much bigger than a Lord Derby Eland for a hunter or for that matter, his Professional Hunter.


In closing I’d like to thank you once again for your American hospitality, your continued support, and your unrelenting trust in John X Safaris is something we’re extremely proud of as a team. Our appreciation is something that goes beyond words.

Thank you!

Catch you in Africa – Carl & Team

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Ever considered the possibility of an African hunt? If you’ve never looked into a safari to the dark continent you may be surprised at how affordable it actually is. The reality of an African hunt might be much closer than you may realize.

Are you after…

  • An outfit that welcomes all hunters, no matter what your age, physical condition or hunting capabilities.
  • Over 30 Species of World-Class Plains Game in abundance across large concessions in the game rich East Cape.
  • Fair Chase Big 5 on our private 30 000 acre concession, Woodlands Game Reserve.
  • Lodging second to none. Where you can choose 1 of 3 different lodges throughout the East Cape. Hunt the game in their natural environment where they are naturally of better quality.
  • Unlimited Tiny 10.
  • Mountain hunting like nowhere else in Southern Africa.
  • Both large high-fenced concessions or free-range areas. We have access to over 3 million acres in the East Cape alone.
  • A hunt that caters to you the hunter – serious about achieving your desired results without “package deals” standing in the way of your goals.
  • A family friendly atmosphere where youngsters are welcomed free of charge. Take us up on our initiative of #Gettingtheyouthhuntingatjxs
  • A destination that welcomes lady hunters and has been doing so for many years.
  • A destination that welcomes observers and prioritize their experience/s as much as that of the hunter.
  • A destination that welcomes groups, and can cater to groups by having large enough areas and a big enough team ensuring every member of the group leaves us satisfied.
  • Professional Hunters who take your safari seriously, ensuring your priorities are not only met, but your expectations exceeded.
  • An outfit who hunts for a living – You – Our Hunter, is our priority, not the ranch or any sideshows. Our business is hunting, and hunting only. We dedicate 24 hours a day to you ensuring your safari is everything you’d hoped for.
  • Hunting with an outfit that not only “talks” about the good work it does, but actually get’s it hands dirty making a true difference via our John X Foundation.
  • An outfit who believes in hunting for conservation – after all, if we didn’t practice what we preached, how could we still be the leaders after 33 years in the safari industry.

IF the above is what you’re after then why not join John X Safaris in Africa – It’s your ultimate safari destination…

Below are some of our most popular safari/hunt options on offer – There’s something for everyone.

  • Single or Multi Area Hunt – Make the most of our traditional 7/10 Day Hunt in the East Cape. Limited dates remain for 2017.
  • Get the Youth Hunting – Bring your son/daughter/any minor along on their spring/summer break and we’ll comp his/her day fee. Only pay for trophies.
  • 2017 Cape Buffalo Special – Opening Season Woodlands Cape Buffalo Hunt $15000 (7 Days All Incl) This will be real hunting in a large extensive concession with amazing quality Cape Buffalo. Numbers are high and quotas are conservative  – Expect to be amazed!
  • Tiny 10 Hunts – We’re the team hunters turn to when it comes to their Tiny 10 collections. From Vaal Rhebuck to the Livingstone Suni and everything in between.
  • Mountain Hunts in Africa – You’re an altitude hunting enthusiast? Then we’ve got the hunt for you in Africa. Vaal Rhebuck, Klipspringer and Mnt Reedbuck – There’s no one with more experience and larger/better areas when it comes to hunting the high country in Africa. Our track record and the amount of 10″ Vaal Rhebuck hitting the salt on an annual basis speaks for itself.
  • Hunt the Spiral Slam – East Cape Kudu, Cape Bushbuck, Nyala & Cape Eland. Could there be a more beautiful slam with such challenging hunting.


Below is a quick reminder of our 2017 show and travel schedule. If you or any of your friends may be interested in meeting with us, please drop us a line, we’d be glad to fit you or them into our schedule.

  • Dallas Safari Club Show – Dallas, Texas: 5 – 8 January 2017. Booth # 4360
  • Houston, TX, Cocktail Party: 11 January 2017 – Any interested hunters can join us for an evening BBQ Reception at the Travis residence.
  • College Station, TX, Cocktail Party: 13 January 2017 – Any interested hunters can join us for Africa Info Night with Horizon Firearms at their amazing factory.
  • Amarillo, TX, Visit: 16 – 20 January 2017 – Any folks interested in meeting up with Stix can schedule a preferred time during the week.
  • Omaha, NE,  Cocktail Party/Visit: 20 – 25 January 2017 – Carl will be hosting a cocktail evening with Steve & Jill Evers from Wildlife Creations Taxidermy on Saturday, 21 January 2017.
  • Jackson, MS: 20 – 25 January 2017 – Stix will be visiting with our good friends Alex Good & Mike Jarvis. Feel free to meet up with Stix while he’s in Mississippi.
  • Salt Lake City / Eagle Mountain / Pleasant View, UT: 25 – 29 January 2017 – Feel free to meet up with Carl/Stix while they’re in Utah.
  • Safari Club International – Las Vegas, Nevada: 1 – 4 February 2017.Booth # 3052 & 3054


Hunting with John X Safaris is more than just a hunt – It’s the total safari experience. It is a journey of discovery, a wakening of the senses, and ultimately the realization of the dream of hunting Africa.

Whether it is your first trip to Africa, a hunt for the big five, or the choice of forty different plains game species, we are here to cater to your every need.

Contact us for your next hunt on hunting@johnxsafaris.co.za or alternatively call Carl Van Zyl on US Cell 6824108377 or PH Ross ‘Stix’ Hoole on 6824108373– We’d gladly assist by dropping you a mail, giving you a call or visiting you in your home state.

For more information and current updates about John X Safaris; follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and visit our Website!

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As I started my final forward from Lalibela during late September, I found myself gazing out over the game rich plains deep in thought… the moment had finally come for us to say goodbye and close a chapter on twenty memorable years. I would be lying if I were to try to convince you that at that moment I was not feeling overly sentimental or emotional. Twenty years of dreaming, sacrifice, hard work, and achievement. It had been a journey like few.

If we were to rewind the clock by twenty years, to be more precise, October 1996, and I were to tell you about that first sunny afternoon on Hillside Farm, Sidbury, East Cape, South Africa, you would have been excused for being a pessimist like the many others. Rick and Sue van Zyl had just acquired the first property in what would become today’s world-renowned Lalibela Game Reserve, and the home of John X Safaris.

At first it was a meager colonial homestead turned into a “rustic camp” for the few loyal hunters, who unbeknownst to them were playing a major role in getting the dream of a wildlife reserve off to a slow, but gradual start. Soon the first lodge, Lentaba, was completed, giving our hunters a taste of what was to come. With the acquisition of more land and the re-introduction of 22 game species and the first White Rhino, things started coming together nicely.

With 20 000 acres, a lodge, one of the Big 5, over 3000 head of game, and an eager team we set off to launch Lalibela to tourists in the summer of 2002. The concept was a brilliant one; our hunters would occupy and utilize the winter hunting months, while the tourists would take up the summer months, when hunters preferred to stay home for their traditional northern hemisphere hunting season.

By 2003 a second lodge, Mark’s Camp, was completed, the very year both Elephant and Cape Buffalo, joined the White Rhino as members of the Big 5, once again roaming free where they had not set foot for over a hundred years. A masterstroke in developments it turned out to be, with the reserve taking an even bigger step with the introduction of free roaming Lion, Leopard, and Cheetah in the early part of 2004. With the addition of a further 10 000 acres and completion of our flagship lodge, Treetops Luxurious Tented Camp, a first of its kind, during September that same year, Lalibela had established itself and was now a successful brand in both the hunting and tourist industries respectively.

Throughout the years and the numerous developments we have been privileged to have grown as a family, calling a place such as Lalibela, home. It is something that we have not taken lightly in our responsibility to the land, wildlife, our people, hospitality, and business. Your support and safari contributions have allowed us to build and live an extraordinary life – one we could not have been a part of without each and every one of you – after all, Lalibela only became a reality because of you and your commitment to conservation through hunting. It has been a journey we are immensely proud of and an achievement of a goal reached through untold sacrifice and hard work.

With that said we had reached for the stars and fallen amongst them, but something was lacking, it was time to move on… time to let go of the familiarity. It was time to go back to the beginning, to our people, to John X Safaris and the most enjoyable years of our lives.

New Beginnings – Woodlands Game Reserve

“And suddenly you just know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings…”

Woodlands Game Reserve – 30 000 Acres, big 5, plains game, over 2500 head of game, 20 + species, rifle, archery, wing shooting, and a brand new colonial safari lodge opening in March 2017 + the very same trusted team – Dedicated to hunters and hunting only. 

We will still be offering our multi-area option safaris in both the coastal and northern Karoo regions, like we’ve been doing for the past 33 years, with Woodlands becoming our coastal base. Those hunters who have booked safaris can rest assured that Woodlands will be everything and more of what Lalibela could have ever offered as a destination.

We have found our new home. It’s a hidden gem like no other, and you’re invited to join us on your next safari as we turn the industry on its head and launch the greatest hunting destination the East Cape has ever seen.

Until your next safari – We thank you for being a part of the Safari World of John X Safaris during the past year and the many before. It has been a privilege hosting and having you on safari. Your support and friendship means the world to us. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Carl & Family

For more information and current updates about John X Safaris; follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and visit our Website!

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As with previous years, the early season produced some fantastic hunts and phenomenal trophies yet again. This year saw a change in guard for the first time in over ten years. It would not be Brett Nelson and his crew making the most of the rested areas and beating all to the first hunt of the season, but our good friends Jarod Wallace, Chris Ashcroft and Bwana Big Jim Smith.


It may have been fate that brought us all together on February 28th, 2015 – who knows? Some things are just meant to be. Big Jim, Chris, and Jarod had joined us on safari during early May of 2014, and weren’t set to return again until 2016.

On that particular hunt Jarod was after a Cape Buffalo, together with a host of plains game. While he enjoyed tremendous success on a variety of plains game, it would be early mornings and long days stalking Cape Buffalo in our coastal forests with his bow that would captivate him most. With time running out on that hunt, he together with his trusty PH, Ross, came across a very impressive Cape Buffalo bull.

Bad Attitude

The bull was everything Jarod had dreamt of… he had the mass, drop, and spread. Only one small hick-up – The bull was not on quota. So they sat silently watching him walk out of bow range.

That evening both Jarod and Ross pondered over the days events – wondering how they would ever get the opportunity to hunt a bull in that class? It would have to be fate….

As early December 2014 rolled along, Ross and I were wrapping up final preparations for our trip to the US, when I mentioned to Ross that we would be seeing Jarod and friends in Eagle Mountain, UT, during January, and that we should check our Buffalo quota for that particular area where Jarod watched his dream bull walk a mere 7 months earlier. With one thing leading to another we finally received confirmation of one Buffalo on quota for 2015 – There was no guessing who would have first option on the hunt.

Of course Jarod was never going to turn it down – let alone miss the opportunity of returning to Africa within a year of his first safari. Having experienced the “group” safari atmosphere on his first hunt, he wasn’t planning on returning alone, and kindly invited both Chris and Bwana Big Jim along.

The boys were pretty excited to be a part of Jarrod's Cape Buffalo hunt - let alone sink their teeth into a couple of hunts of their own!

The boys were pretty excited to be a part of Jarod’s Cape Buffalo hunt – let alone sink their teeth into a couple of hunts of their own!

With a couple of months of preparation we had configured a great plan, allowing both Jarod and Ross to be concealed under a hollowed out Acacia tree. The cover would prove sufficient for the guys to go undetected, but if the prickly thorns would deter a herd of grumpy Cape Buffalo from investigating anything out of the ordinary – that would remain to be seen.

As luck would have it, the guys got an arrow into the unaware bull at first light, coming in to drink and then feeding a mere 18 yards away. Having never hunted a Buffalo with a bow before, none of us knew how the bull would react? And in true Cape Buffalo form he took an arrow perfectly placed behind the shoulder and ran off 80 yards before coming to a sudden halt in wonder of the bee that had just stung him. The guys were certain the placement was perfect, yet the bull showed no signs of weakening.

And then suddenly he turned away from the herd and disappeared into the undergrowth. All this time to bull still showed no signs of weakening, but his behavior suggested something was up. We gave the bull another two hours before the guys started tracking him in the thick undergrowth. There was blood – but not enough to confirm the fatal blow. After a couple of hundred yards the blood all-together dried up, and 5 hours later we called it a day. The bull had broken cover twice – a charge was imminent, that was to be expected, but if it was to be the last stand, best we did it in better light.

That evening around the campfire we discussed the arrows placement in great depth – all aware of the danger that loomed the next morning. A decision had to be made, and a mature one at that too. It was time to put away the bow and take up a trusty 375 H&H – it was not only the safest option in our situation, but the right one too. It is not only our responsibility as Professional Hunters to keep you safe, but to honor the game we hunt by ensuring a clean kill, and when things do not turn out as planned, to ensure a speedy follow-up kill.

That next morning the guys did exactly that! Jarrod had hunted a dream bull with his bow on his terms and then honored the bull by a well placed heart shot. He had the bull he had so long dreamn't about!

That next morning the guys did exactly that. Jarod had hunted a dream bull with his bow on his terms and then honored the bull by a well placed heart shot. He had the bull he had so long dreamt about!

After further investigation it was noted that the arrow had hit a rib and broken off, finally working its way out during the night. The penetration was far too little to prove fatal, and all involved learnt a great lesson on heavy boned big game with a bow.

The rest of the day was spent working away the mass of meat, ensuring the cape got into the salt and every inch of meat and bone, including the hooves, intestines, and organs, was used as a source of protein by the local population.

The following morning we were up at sunrise and off to the wild coast to pursue the ever elusive Cape Bushbuck.

Our home for the next four days would be the "Camp on the Krantz" (Camp on the Cliff).

Our home for the next four days would be the breath-taking “Camp on the Krantz” (Camp on the Cliff).

For Chris and Jarod it was all about pursuing Cape Bushbuck with their bows, while Bwana Big Jim just goes with the flow, hunting anything truly great he and his longtime PH, Greg Hayes, stumble upon.

Professional Hunter, Martin Neuper, a new member to our team would join Carl and Chris, showing off some of his neck of the woods, enjoying a heap of home-ground advantage. Having grown up with a bow in his hand and a Cape Bushbuck not far off his 30 yard pin, we knew we were in for something special.

And that very first afternoon of walk and stalk Martin put Chris onto a ram at 27 yards.

And that very first afternoon of walk and stalk Martin put Chris onto a ram at 27 yards.

To say that the entire crew back at camp looked at us with envy that evening would have been the understatement of the safari! It seemed all were suddenly rising earlier than discussed and every member of every team looked more determined than ever. It was officially game on!

Chris, Martin, and I, headed off into the high country in search of Cape Eland, while Greg and Bwana Big Jim weren’t being completely truthful about their plans for the day or what they had seen the previous afternoon. Ross and Jarod would head back to a newly built blind – one that seemed promising with plenty of activity from the day before.

Knowing Bwana Big Jim the way we’ve come to know him, and knowing all too well he and Greg make a dream team on the worst of days – we should have seen the signs of confidence that morning – it’s not that they ever commit to anything in particular, but its the manner in which they bring quality to the shed.

And they always do... this time with a world-class 52'' East Cape Kudu!

And they always do… this time with a world-class 52” East Cape Kudu.

Jarod and Ross on the other hand were baking their brains in a bow blind at 110F – only to earn a big Baboon with the bow – a truly tough feat. Those who’ve tried this will vouch for it!

Up in the mountains the air was cool and a steady south-western breeze would ensure the remainder of the day would remain pleasant as cool air would be pushed from the ocean onto the escarpment. We literally spotted large herds of Eland from the word go, seeing numerous great bulls, until our eyes came to rest on a herd of +-80 animals. It’s not everyday that one gets to see so many Eland within a 360 degree view, but when one lays eyes on something you search for, for so long, there’s no mistaking it’s a monster when not even I make sense to myself anymore.


I would have hated to have been Chris listening to nervous, yet excited instruction from myself and Martin, hardly able to contain our child-like excitement. Then on the other hand… I would have given anything to have been Chris to have hunted the Eland of a lifetime.

He had everything. The sweep in horn like a Lord Derby, a dewlap that saw him strain his neck with every step he walked, and a mop so rich in color - a combination of color that words cannot describe.  Hi sheer size was beyond impressive, while his gunsteel blue made him a candidate for for one of my  all-time  favorite Eland.

He had everything. The sweep in horn like a Lord Derby, a dewlap that saw him strain his neck with every step he took, and a mop so rich in color – a combination that words cannot describe. His sheer size was beyond impressive, while his gun steel-blue made him a candidate for one of my all-time favorite Eland.

And then as if it couldn’t get any better the Bushbuck came out in hordes on our last day….

First Chris...

First Chris with his heavy horned 15 1/2”….

And then Jarrod with a whopping 15 3/4'' ram!

And then Jarod with a whopping 15 3/4” ram!

With time running out we packed up our gear, loaded the dogs, skins, skulls, trackers, and ourselves, and headed back to Lalibela for our last evening around the campfire.


Each and everyone had enjoyed their time together, once again reminded of the camaraderie we as hunters share.

Fate? Or coincidence? I’m not to sure it was either. When it comes to our great friends from Eagle Mountain in Utah, it’s not that we need much of an excuse to get-together in Africa…


Like I said before… Some things are just meant to be….

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Experience the Culture of South Africa...

This trip was nothing short of absolutely amazing. I knew going into this trip that my hunt with John X Safaris would be “The Hunt of a Lifetime” I had always dreamed about, but I had no idea what that would actually mean. The hunts were, of course, AMAZING, but the hospitality and welcoming spirit from all of the John X staff was the most surprising and refreshing part of the entire trip.

Cheetah marketing 1

From the first night in camp going on a game drive, where my wife and I saw a Springbuck giving birth, to the arrival back at camp being met with a warm cloth and drinks in the driveway was again nothing shy of AMAZING.

Daily meals were prepared from scratch exceeding any and all expectations I imagined, even the liver and onions – I’ve never had liver and onions that I could choke down and these I ate until they were gone…AMAZING.

I love the USA, but by visiting a place like South Africa my wife and I realized how much customer service we lack back home. Not once did I ever see anything but smiles from everyone – From my PH, tracker, or the staff back at camp after coming home from a long day‘s hunt.

From the moment I met my PH, Stix, I knew we would get along great. Our passion for bow hunting, and specifically bow hunting for big Deer, made us quite the pair for my week’s safari.


Stix was not only ambitious, but extremely knowledgeable. I had told him that my goal was to take some trophy animals, but my definition of trophy may not be what everyone else’s is. I wanted the oldest animals I could find, if they made the record book – then great, but it was not my goal.


As I had come to expect with Stix, he did it all, helping me harvest an ancient Kudu bull to a record book Bushbuck. I started this trip with the top three animals I wanted, namely; Black Wildebeest, Kudu, and a Black/Gold Fallow Deer. When I left I had harvested over a half-dozen different species, all true trophies.


From my Impala, harvested with the bow, to climbing a mountain for my Fallow Deer only to realize we would have to climb an adjacent mountain to make the shot. Stix is truly the closest thing to a human mountain goat I have ever met, I am still not sure how our Fallow Deer hunt came together like it did.

The Bushbuck on the last evening of the hunt as the sun was setting truly capped off an AMAZING safari.

The Bushbuck on the last evening of the hunt as the sun was setting truly capped off an AMAZING safari.

When planning this trip I convinced my wife that this trip would be a “Once in a lifetime” safari. But before the trip was over, my wife and I already started planning our return safari with our kids in 5yrs time…Yes Carl and Trish, we will be back! You and your staff were AMAZING!!!

Mike & Renee Schneider

To view more photos from the Schneider Safari click here.
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Bill Satterfield, Dave Kjelstrup, Alex Good and Paul Latchford were still on safari heading north hoping to carry on from where they left off in the south.

Arriving in the north, the guys settled into camp before the afternoon’s hunt was set to begin.

Professional Hunter, Juan MacDonald, together with his hunters, Alex and Paul, were after Gemsbuck and Springbuck. Dave was on the hunt for Cape Hartebeest, Gemsbuck, Eland, Mnt Reedbuck and Springbuck, while Bill would soon be joining the hunt with a day of upland birds over English Pointer.

Alex was the first to strike gold – A superb Gemsbuck.

Paul soon followed with a bull of his own.

Dave was finding the north slow at first, we were spotting game, but weren’t getting those lucky breaks we’d become accustomed to in the south.

We were forced to hit the mountains in search of game.

We finally spotted a heard of Gemsbuck across a small valley, feeding on the next plateau. We left Bill to shelter and made the final ascend. Dave was finding the terrain hard, as loose rocks were making conditions under foot extremely difficult to navigate in.

We finally got into position and Dave added to his tally of one shot kills.

Day 5 was capped off with a great late afternoon Impala.

The following morning was a slow one, the previous evenings party had been good, possibly too good. The mornings hunt saw us coming up empty-handed, so we decided to head back to camp for lunch. On the way back to camp Boy spotted a group of Mnt Reedbuck bedded down in a secluded valley. A closer inspection revealed a ram worth pursuing. We edged our way along a wooded area and came up and over, looking down for the hidden animals. Once we’d spotted them it was a matter of patience.

Boy and Dave with Dave’s old Mnt Reedbuck ram.

The bow hunters hadn’t run into any sort of luck during the course of the morning. The area was massive, making it difficult to locate the required game. Whenever we were after Eland, all we could find was Springbuck and tons of Gemsbuck, while the other crew was finding loads of Eland. We decided to join forces and plan our attack for the afternoon. If we could help each other by spotting game the other was after, we could cover double the distance in half the time. We headed out.

Within hours our plan worked! Dave coming away with a monster Cape Hartebeest.

Day seven saw us rising to a windless morning, the perfect start to a day of upland birds. Bill and Alex joined me, while Juan, Dave, and Paul were on the hunt for Cape Springbuck.

The bird hunters travelled 45 mins north to Niel’s place, ready for an enjoyable morning.

The bird hunters were after Grey Wing Partridge, a small covey bird living on the high ground at + – 5000 feet above sea level. These birds are wild and are hunted in their natural terrain, making for exciting shooting over trained English Pointer.

Our English Pointer, Bones, is a camp favorite and a great character to have around, the fact that he’s really good at what he does only adds to the excitement and the hunters’ entire experience.

Bones kept us going for 5 hours without a single break. Now that’s hunting by an old dog.

The terrain often tested us in various ways, Bill soon finding himself head high in brush with Bones on a point.

While our morning was a slow one, extremely strange for that particular area, we enjoyed a great laugh. During midmorning while flushing a covey of Grey Wing, Bill soon knocked down the lead bird, only to see Alex follow-up on the double with an escaping Jack Rabbit! Needless to say we were rolling with laughter after seeing the blank expression on Bones’ face!

On the other side of the mountain things were going pretty well. Dave had hunted a Cape Eland and both hunters had lucked into Springbuck.

A happy Paul with a well-earned Common Springbuck.

Our time in the Karoo had come and gone so quickly, we had spent 3 enjoyable days hunting some of the biggest open country that Africa has to offer.

Before heading south we said our final farewells; it was truly a fantastic place to have hunted….

Day eight would still provide many adventures. The day was young and the Land Cruiser felt strong, eating away at the many miles south.

Arriving back south in time for the afternoon hunt, we got onto a roll like I haven’t seen in years.

Dave first dropped his Black Wildebeest with another well placed shot. A great bull to add to his growing trophy collection.

Having taken a liking to the bow hunters Blesbuck, he was keen on hunting a ram of his own.

And when we had all called it a day and were heading back to the skinning shed, that familiar whistle rang out from the back. Boy had spotted something. We dropped off the rest and headed out again.

Dave’s much wanted Warthog was what Boy had spotted.

Needless to say we were all worn out after such an eventful day.

That evening saw us enjoy a well-earned dinner back at base camp, reliving the stories of what had been thus far.

Day nine saw us rise at 4am, we were going waterfowl shooting.

Hides were in place.

Decoys were set.

The birds were coming.

The guys enjoyed a successful morning, with a personal highlight, seeing Dave use the callers with such skill. We were told he was the North Dakota champion; we now know he really is!

Apart from Dave’s great calling it seemed these guys could shoot just as well.

That afternoon we set out for the last time trying to find Alex a big Kudu bull. We had taken on so much, in the end we simply ran out of time. With the setting sun, Juan and I decided to introduce our new friends to an entire different world. We hooked up the spotlight and brought the night to life. We spotted Jackal, Springhare, Jack Rabbit, Aardwolf, Bushbuck, Kudu, Bat Eared Fox, Porcupine and a host of birds.

Dave bagged this beauty of a Common Duiker to end what had been an amazing hunt.

Our last day of our hunt was put aside for R&R. We headed down towards the coast on a meandering pub crawl, stopping in at the many water holes along the way.

Including the pub with the longest standing liquor license in South Africa.

We then capped it off with a seafood lunch on the ocean.

And finally a Big 5 Game Drive – Spotting Lion, Elephant, Hippo and Giraffe in the same afternoon.

So you cost me a buck and you never even knew it. Value for money, I’ve never had that much fun with any one group before. Both Juan and I still find ourselves laughing at the many crazy things you guys did. If Alex wasn’t inventing a new species on a daily basis, he was practicing trick shooting with his rifle and bow, how else could one explain the mayhem. If Dave wasn’t taking on every hunter and his mother, then Paul was there to edge him along even deeper into another bet. As for Bill, the elderly gentleman who came strolling down the aisle and cost me a buck. I’d gladly pay that buck again!

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I met a group of guys at Safari Club many years ago. There was one particular gentleman that always came by our John X Safaris booth, year after year. He’d talk about bringing his friends and joining us on a hunt, for one reason or another something always came up. They never made it.

January 2011 rolled by and we were back in Reno for SCI’s national convention, the same gentleman came strolling up the aisle. I turned to the rest of the crew in the booth; “Anybody interested in placing a small wager on the elderly guy booking a hunt?” Silence. I repeated my question again, I knew Fredo well enough, he’s a betting man, and I’d seen him far too often hitting the $¼ slots at the hotel.

“Boy”, Fredo continued,”A $1 says he’s booking“. You’re on Fredo, I replied.

Bill Satterfield strolled up to the booth, shook my hand, introduced me to a buddy of his, Dave Kjelstrup, and booked two hunts. He then signed up another friend, Alex Good, who wasn’t even there?! OK, pause – rewind… What just happened here?!

Never the less, July was upon us before we knew it. Bill Satterfield, Dave Kjelstrup, Alex Good and Paul Latchford were due to arrive on the last connection from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. For Dave, Alex and Paul, this would be their very first African hunt, while Bill was a seasoned African bird hunter and traveler.

Alex Good, Dave Kjelstrup and Bill Satterfield

Having left the airport, while heading into camp I soon realized I’d chosen the perfect Professional Hunter to join me on this hunt. The guys had come to hunt hard with rifle, shotgun and bow, while clearly stating their intentions of having fun! Dave and Bill would join me with my team, consisting of myself, my tracker, Boy, and our terriers, Bongo and Foxy. While Paul and Alex joined Professional Hunter, Juan MacDonald, together with his tracker, Joseph, and hunting dogs, Leica and Zippo.

The first few days saw us hunting from our coastal region. Juan was after any form of plains game that came within bow range, while I was trying to ease Dave into African hunting before we took on his all important Cape Buffalo.

We started off our mornings by selecting favorable vantage points, glassing for any movement in the surrounding valleys.

We’d hardly sat down on that first day when Dave spotted his first “real” trophy of the hunt.

A magnificent Waterbuck bull 650 yards below our glassing position.

Dave hadn’t thought about Waterbuck before, but this was a fantastic bull. I left him to glass a bit more while checking up on another spot off to the west. When I returned, Dave called me over; ”Now look, I’ll only be in Africa for 10 days, and this has been a lifelong dream of mine. If you see something good, don’t ask me. Tell me we’re going.”

And that’s exactly how our hunt and friendship started. I’d find something good and Dave would follow me wherever I needed him to go.

Alex and Paul, together with their team were hunting a few valleys over. They had enjoyed a fair amount of luck in spotting game on that first morning too, stalking to within 35 yards of a good Cape Bushbuck ram. Unfortunately the ram got away, but they were now glued to their radio, listening to our progress on the Waterbuck.

We finally came up empty-handed, taught a fine lesson in the art of hunting by a sly old Waterbuck bull. It would be one of few beatings we’d take on our hunt, in time it seemed Dave’s stars were aligned. Lady luck was in town and the hunting gods were smiling down on us.

That afternoon saw the bow hunters come up empty-handed, having thrown a few arrows without any luck. Dave on the other hand earned a world-class Nyala, and more importantly, got a kill under his belt. We would start Buffalo hunting the following morning.

Right from the start, everybody in the hunting party had expressed their desire to be along on Dave’s Cape Buffalo hunt. We had told them that we’d see what we could do, but that hunting Big 5 was a different game, something not to be taken lightly. Both Juan and I were ultimately responsible for the entire hunting party’s safety.

That 2’nd day started much like the first, glassing open patches where the coastal forest ran down to the Indian Ocean.

We were battling to find Buffalo. There was activity, but nothing more than signs of a heard. We were after a Dugga boy.

During the course of the morning, we did however bump into this beauty. Bill wasted no time capturing unbelievable shots with his camera.

Having come up empty-handed for the morning, we decided to call a lunch break.

It seemed we couldn’t have chosen a better spot for lunch. Half way through lunch saw a Dugga Boy step out to feed in the clearing below us.

We wasted no time and Dave needed no second invitation in bagging a great Dugga Boy Buffalo Bull.

That evening we let tradition run its course with Dave enjoying the first piece of Buffalo B@ll$ and one of many Martini’s!

Up until now, Alex and Paul had been fairly quiet, happy to take a back seat, sharing days with the rest of the crew.

Day 3 saw all that coming to a sudden halt. We’d dropped off Alex and Boy in a quiet area to roam freely and hunt whatever presented an opportunity. An old Impala ram soon stepped within range, earning Alex his first African bow kill.

Dave and Bill, together with Carl were scouting an area about 5 miles away, on the hunt for an East Cape Kudu. Having spotted a number of bulls that morning we felt confident about our chances, more importantly I knew we were hunting one of the finest Kudu areas in the Eastern Cape, an area that John X Safaris has been exclusively hunting for the past 20 years.

Dave, Bill and Carl stalked up to the feeding bull from 700 yards out. The last 200 yards was tough going, often needing to crawl and force our way through rough country. At 80 yards I put up the sticks, Dave quietly settled his 375 and steadied himself. The bull turned, stopped to listen, and then continued feeding. Dave squeezed the trigger….

After packing out Dave’s bull, we convened for lunch after a busy morning.

We enjoyed our regular selection of sandwiches, but decided that fresh Kudu heart and liver cooked right there in the field would be a great addition to lunch for bunch of hungry men.

For the remainder of the afternoon we planned on solely concentrating on hunting with Paul. It was day 3 and Paul’s luck was due for a change.

A great Kudu bull stepped out at the right moment, truly welcoming Paul to hunting in Africa.

Day 4 saw us rising bright and early, splitting up for the day. Juan together with his crew would concentrate on bow hunting, while Carl had the Lynx dogs running, hoping to chase up a cat.

Both Bill and Dave found out that cat hunting is not only rough, but extremely tough. Caracal often prefer rocky cliffs and dense cover, making it difficult to keep up with the hounds.

After a lengthy chase the hounds finally treed an old female. We had started at 7am; by the time we took this picture it was 14.30pm. The smile on this occasion was one of pure relief.

Paul it seemed had only just warmed up the previous afternoon, day 4 saw him scoring with two bow kills, a Blesbuck and an Impala.

His Impala was a beauty!

Alex on the other hand wasn’t doing badly either. It seemed the bow hunters were kicking the rifle hunters’ behinds!

Now Dave had spotted a big Waterbuck bull that first morning, and I wasn’t about to forget about it anytime soon.

We returned to the same spot – hoping to spot the bull again.

By 16.00 that afternoon we were yet to see “our” bull. At 16.20 my radio cracked to life, it was Boy, he’d spotted a Warterbuck in the distance, and it looked big. I gathered the guys and headed to Boys location. By the time we arrived with Boy the bull had fed away from the clearing and we were now too low to see him again. I had a quick discussion with Boy; he was adamant that we should move immediately, knowing him as well as I do, I decided to have him lead the way.

Needless to say Boy led us with distinction – right to where the bull was feeding.

The minute I spotted him I knew he was something special. This was a different bull to the one that we had spotted that first day.

He was without a doubt the biggest I’d seen all season – a beast of a bull scoring over 30’’.

Our time in the south had been extremely productive, but there was still so much to experience in the north.

Neither of our hunters had ever seen the Karoo, nor had they witnessed those clear starry nights around a crackling campfire being lulled to sleep by a howling Jackal and the after taste of a rich Ruby Cabernet……

Would they experience the great herds, mountains, and wide open plains? Would their luck continue?

Join us next week for part 2 of “You cost me a buck and you never even knew it…..”

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Over the years we’ve tried to develop John X Safaris into more than just a first timers hunting destination. By not only placing the emphasis on hunting, but by looking at the entire safari experience, we hope to achieve the above average South African safari. It thus goes without saying that this has allowed our second and third time hunters a chance at our abundant hunting variety, but has opened up a world of opportunity for the first time hunter to John X Safaris.

Late March saw just the kind of safari we’ve been wanting to achieve. Josh Wilde, and his mom, Anne Wilde, joined Professional Hunter, Schalk De Villiers, on their first hunt to South Africa. Neither Josh nor Anne were your regular first timers to South Africa. Josh for one was a bow hunter, a great guy and brilliant shot, while Anne was an adventure junkie of note!

Josh was after a variety of Plains Game species with the bow, and Anne was set on doing a few days of hunting with Josh. She would then travel down to Cape Town with Free Walker Adventure Tours for a trip filled with fun and adventure.

Having arrived a day early, to allow for a day of R&R, it was soon decided that there was just too much to do and see. An entire day set aside for R&R was way to much for these excited hunters! After a mid morning brunch the hunters set off for the range. Josh checked his bow and Anne came to grips with Schalk’s rifle. A couple of hours later and the hunt was on for the elusive East Cape Kudu.

During the late afternoon on that first day, the hunters spotted a big Kudu bull. The Kudu was feeding in a tough area and the stalk would have to be a good one if a shot was to be presented. The guys leading from the front with Anne close behind got into a great position and Anne made the shot off the sticks. At the crack of the rifle, the bull jumped into the air, kicked out its legs and flashed its tail. A sign of a well placed shot. Russell, the Jack Russel was called into action immediately, the bull had disappeared into the thick Coastal Forest. Minutes later and the action took a frantic turn as Russel started his battle with Anne's bull. Schalk and Anne slowly approached the barking Russel where he had bayed the bull. Anne took her time and squeezed of a great finishing shot, earning her our first 50+" East Cape Kudu for the season!

With a setting sun and the guys having to chop a road to retrieve Anne’s Kudu, it was fitting that the two stars of the show could be found sharing an excited moment together. After all it’s not everyday that one has the luck of hunting a 50″ East Cape Kudu on your first afternoon in Africa!

Trying to get Anne to come down off her Kudu high was completely impossible, let alone worth it. Her smile was spread from ear to ear – ALL DAY LONG! What it did do was place some serious pressure on Schalk to produce a Fallow Deer that would not only rival Anne’s Kudu in trophy quality, but her overall experience of the hunt.

Schalk not being one to shy away from a challenge, came up with the goods once again. A great Fallow Deer to wish Anne farewell on her trip to Cape Town.

It goes without saying that a successful bow hunt takes a lot of luck. Very good hunting areas with above average number of animals, and a bow hunter who can handle his bow better than most. To compliment it all – A like-minded PH who’s willing to go the extra mile will always combine these factors and lead a successful safari.

Right from the start, Schalk and Josh had hit it off extremely well. Both were gung-ho Bow Hunters with a passion to hunt. Josh taking his Kudu at 29 yards, walking and stalking, bonded these two hunters for life!

A couple of hours later, with Josh’s Kudu barely in the salt, the guys were at it again. Having spotted a good Cape Bushbuck ram feeding along the river, a stalk was started. A tick infested leopard crawl with enough thorns and spikes to last a lifetime, and Josh was within range. He came to his knees, drew slowly and let his arrow fly. The Bushbuck literally didn’t move and dropped right there in its tracks. The guys were on a high and on a roll!

An Impala is the one animal that jumps string more than any other African game when it comes to bow hunting. After spotting this extremely “different” looking Impala, with his black face, very similar to the Black Faced Impala, Josh wanted to be sure of his shot. The guys took their time with the stalk and at the right moment, when the Impala dropped his guard, Josh let him have it. Another one shot kill and Josh was a happy man!

In the meantime, while Josh was enjoying unbelievable success with his bow, Anne was having the time of her life with Free Walker Adventures! 

Enjoying fantastic restaurants on the Indian Ocean…

Taking a ride in a hot air balloon to have a better appreciation of the view…

Or taking the road less travelled to witness the breath-taking view at Cape Point…

Admiring Table Mountain across the bay…

Visiting the winelands…

And paraglided with the birds over Cape Town.

Back on the hunt Josh was still at it. Making unbelievable shots with his bow and keeping up the quality. 

Late one afternoon the guys decided to hit a hide over water and salt. A great Black Wildebeest came right in and Josh let an arrow fly. The bull showed no signs of a hit and was off back into the herd. Poor light forced the hunters to call it a day. Bright and early the next morning, the hunters were back in the area to discover Josh’s bull. He had been hit hard with a double lung shot and had died the previous evening, still maintaining Josh’s proud one shot kill record.

Schalk had been eyeing a specific Blesbuck for sometime and knew Josh would be the man who could pull off the required shot with his bow. We all knew the ram was a monster, but exactly how big it was certainly caught us off guard. After the hunt was said and done, we did a “wet score” on Josh’s ram. At present it may be the New World Record with a bow, but we’ll have it officially measured once the drying period has been completed. Only then can we confirm the size of Josh’s ram. For the time being – A massive congratulations from all of us on your unbelievable Common Blesbuck.

Anne returned from her tour and joined Josh for the last two days of their hunt with John X Safaris. The remaining days were spent in search of a Warthog and enjoying fun-filled days reminiscing about their first trip to South Africa.

They had hunted a variety of species, fished the Indian Ocean and enjoyed an extremely successful bow hunt. Anne had harvested our first 50+” East Cape Kudu of the season and Josh may have hunted a possible new World Record Blesbuck with his bow. Anne had travelled the Garden Route, visited the southern most tip of Africa, enjoyed hot air balloon rides, Table Mountain, the winelands, and paraglided over Cape Town.

Their first trip to South Africa was certainly no ordinary first timers trip. Who knows what their next trip will be like? The opportunities, abundance of hunting, and variety of experiences leave so much available to them. We can’t wait to have them back!

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